Our Mission

Our Mission

The mission of Cara’s Wave of Hope Foundation is to establish everlasting remembrances of Cara Calitre and more importantly, to give hope and opportunity to children who may not have financial means to pursue their dreams.

The Foundation will provide athletic and college scholarships to youth who best exemplify Cara’s drive, competitiveness, and humility in the pursuit of both participation in organized sports and obtaining an education to understand and solve environmental issues.

Cara’s Wave of Hope Foundation is a non-profit corporation, operating as a 501(c)(3) organization. 

Our Causes


Cara was a talented multi-sport athlete who over the years won numerous individual and team awards. At a young age she excelled in swimming, basketball, baseball, and soccer. She was a two-year starter on the Boulder High School Varsity Soccer Team and a member of the Broomfield Prestige Soccer Team which she helped lead to a state cup championship. Cara was known for her sportsmanship and was beloved by all her coaches and teammates. Sports shaped Cara’s life and to honor her passion to compete at the highest level the Cara Calitre Athletic Scholarship was formed.

The Cara Calitre Athletic Scholarship is an athletic scholarship that can be applied towards fees, travel, uniforms, and/or equipment for any youth sport program. Visit caraswaveofhope.org/scholarships for more information.


Cara was happiest when she was outdoors. She loved the mountains and was an avid skier. She joined the Vail Junior Ski Patrol, toured the backcountry with her best friend and was excited to start competing in the Big Mountain IFSA Junior Freeride Tour. Cara’s passion for nature and the outdoors was leading her on a path toward pursuing a degree in atmospheric science with a focus on avalanche science. To honor Cara’s spirit, especially her pursuit of excellence, self-reliance, and love of the outdoors, we are forming the Cara Calitre Environmental Scholarship.

The Cara Calitre Environmental Scholarship is a college scholarship that can be applied to a degree with a focus on environmental studies, atmospheric science, natural resources, sustainability, or outdoor studies.